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“Budget cellular was founded in 1998 by an incredibly successful individual, Mr. Ebrahim Mahomed who has been in the mobile phone industry since 1994 when mobile phones first came to South Africa. ”

Budget Cellular supports a developed network of many retail partners in various regions through out Africa. Retail partners providing product direct to the customer. Budget Cellular has relationships with : Major network operators Major network operators Retail chains Wholesale and local distribution hubs Various buying groups taking product to rural areas providing financing solutions to the under privileged.

Why Choose Us?

We are a dedicated team having more than 20 years experience in the industry We continually strive to learn and gain all round knowledge of the markets in which we operate We have a strong financial backing and support our customer’s businesses We strive to build long standing relationships with our customers We have a strong logistics network with various strategic partners globally We support a developed network of approximately 300 retail partners in various regions across Africa We are Panasonic approved distributors in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. We specialise in the Insurance Sector in South Africa. We are exclusive distributors of and original branded cell phone accessories, for Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes and Guess.

Our History

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Mr. Ebrahim Mahomed has a completed Bachelor of Accounting Science degree through the University of Witwatersrand. He also has various other business interests. These include mobile retail stores, textile stores and food franchises. Mr. Mahomed has a flare for business and has since the inception of each of his businesses, grown all of them to unimaginable heights. Mr Farouk Gani, a long term business associate of Mr. Ebrahim and partner of Budget Cellular, is a guru in the procurement and distribution of mobile handsets.

Budget Cellular has grown from strength to strength and has been in business for more than 19 years largely due to Mr. Gani’s established supplier networks and contacts in the industry. When no one else can supply, Mr. Gani has the ability to not only find the product but to find that product at the best possible price.

Budget Cellular prides itself on the guru’s ability. Buying right empowers our customers, distributors and networks.

Our key successes are our long standing business relationship with our suppliers, our incredible buying power that affords us the opportunity of offering our clients amazingly competitive pricing and we are known in the industry for our client services and the best turnaround times.

We do export, we do bulk local distribution as well as our key service, which is insurance replacement devices for most of the biggest insurance companies in South Africa. We supply every new model phone in the industry and due to being in the insurance sector, we also supply older model devices. We are Panasonic approved distributors in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa.